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Workers’ Compensation

For an injury related to your job or work activities please call your Branch location immediately

                                                                 Pittsburgh      412-931-0100

                                                                 Harrisburg      866-737-0500

                                                                 Tennessee      866-763-7555

                                                                 Dallas               866-737-0500

                                                                 Boca Raton    800-233-5976

  • Do NOT go to the ER unless instructed to do so by your Branch representative. ER service is only for emergencies (severe bleeding, broken bones, loss of consciousness).

  • Our Coordinator will find a nearby Clinic where you can receive treatment for your injuries and get follow up care in the future (if required).

  • Do NOT give the clinic your personal health information. The Clinic will receive our WC insurance billing information from our Coordinator and WC team.

  • MileStone Coordinator will provide you with an Injury Packet, packet has to complete and turned into the branch within 24 hours if not it will delay any claims or services.

  • Stay in touch with the WC representative and Branch Manager about your Clinic visit and medical treatment so we can process all your WC Benefits promptly.