The MileStone Advantage

MileStone Staffing Services can offer multiple solutions for your employment needs. From Nursing to Therapy or Allied Healthcare, local Per Diem to Permanent Placement or Travelers, MileStone can be your one stop shop for all of your staffing requirements. We offer our clients the most flexible solutions possible from single shifts to on-site management of personnel.

There are dozens of features in our services that were designed specifically to benefit our clients. From being 100% JCAHO compliant to 24/7 live access, MileStone is here to serve you.

MileStone looks forward to the opportunity of becoming your preferred staffing partner.

With the continued shortage of high quality healthcare personnel, ask yourself if your current agency is providing you with the highest levels of service and quality control. The checklist below will help identify how your current agency stacks up against the MileStone Advantage

FeatureMileStone - Other Agency

Criminal Background Checks

Pre-Employment Drug Screens

Random Drug Screen Policy

Licensure Verification

Certification Tracking

CPR Required for All Employees

Skills Testing (score of 80% or higher)

Age-Specific Criteria

Fire and Electrical Safety Annual Review

Handling Medical Waste Annual Review

OSHA Standards Annual Review

Bloodborne Pathogens Annual Review

Elder Abuse Annual Review

Reference Checks (minimum of 2 positive)


Annual Health Assessment / Screening

Quarterly Employee Evaluations

100% JCAHO Compliance Reports

HIPAA Statement of Participation

Live 24 / 7 After-Hours Coverage (no pagers)

One Strike and You’re Out Policy for No Call / No Show

Shift Confirmation Calls to Field Staff

Order Status Updates Every 2 Hours

No Ghost Booking

Equal Employment and Non-Discrimination Policy

Job Descriptions for All Positions

Maximum Weekend Availability at Non-Overtime Rates